Pattern Review | Tilly and the Buttons Cleo

Pattern Review | Tilly and the Buttons Cleo


I’ve been wanting a pair of overalls, or an overall dress, for so long. But the off the rack ones I’ve tried on just haven’t been able to fit me the way I’d like them too.

So of course I decided to make my own! ✂️


I fell in love with the Tilly and the Buttons Cleo dungaree dress pattern when I saw it, mainly because of the adorable pink version(I love pink!).

Also because it’s from Tilly and the Buttons and I’ve been wanting to try one of their patterns 💖

🎀 I was not asked to do this review, nor am I affiliated with Tilly and the Buttons in any way. I just want to share what I made with you! 🎀 

I was really impressed with the pattern envelope, it’s made of a thick paper and seems like it’ll last awhile. The pattern itself was also made of thick paper, which I found easier to deal with than the usual pattern tissue stuff.

Fitting the Cleo was super easy thanks to the helpful instructions in the pattern booklet and extra help from the Tilly and the Buttons website. Seriously, it was so easy! I adjusted my pattern for my bodacious curves in about ten minutes, which is fast for me. It usually takes a loooong time for me to figure that stuff out(because I’m a beginner, right? surely I’ll improve with practice…).

More on the instructions: They were written very clearly and even had some nice pictures to go along with them. Not just illustrations, but pictures of each step. It made the whole sewing process much more enjoyable for me! Ah, why can’t all patterns come with instructions like this?


I had a hard time getting the strap length right, but that’s not the patterns fault! At first I made them too short, and then I made them too long. Looks like I’ll be trying again! Third times the charm?

Other than the straps, this pattern was pretty beginner friendly(and really they aren’t difficult, I just went too fast on that step). It was quick to sew up, too, which was nice as I’ve been sewing a lot of challenging things lately so it was lovely to have a little break.

I added a bow to my front pocket to add a little more cuteness to it. If you’d like to do that too, it’s pretty easy. All I did was make a bow(here’s a good bow tutorial from MADEeveryday) that has a finished width of 5.5 inches. After I had my pocket sewn on I attached the bow at each corner of the pocket with a few straight stitches.



For the buckles, I went with some adorable heart-shaped ones. I bought them here, from a seller on eBay. They shipped from Thailand but didn’t take too long to get to me, maybe a week? They’re pretty good quality too.

One of the reasons I wanted an overall dress so badly was so that I could match with my boys(while they’ll still let me!).


Now we just need coordinating tops!

I really loved this pattern, it’s very well made and easy to use. I’m definitely buying more patterns from Tilly and the Buttons! Some of the other ones I’d like to sew are the Agnes, Marigold, and Orla.

I want to make all the Cleo’s now! I’d like to make a black denim one, possibly a velvet one, a pink one(of course), burgundy corduroy, purple corduroy, fun prints…..

Last time I was at Joann’s I was casually perusing the denim fabrics when I spotted this gorgeous velvet ummm would it be embroidered? No, I don’t think that’s right…here see for yourself:

Rose Denim Fabric

And yeah I am definitely making a Cleo out of that!

I see many overall outfits in my future.

Oh and I have to make one with ruffles because ruffles4life.

Supplies for this make:

Tilly and the Buttons Cleo Pattern

8oz Washed Denim in Indigo Blue

Heart Dungaree Buckles

So what’s your favorite Tilly and the Buttons pattern? Or, if you haven’t tried one yet, which one would you like to sew first?

If you want to see all the different Cleo’s I will inevitably be making, follow my Instagram…….@theaspiringseamstress.


*This post includes affiliate links. Which means if you buy something through my link, I’ll get a percentage of that sale at no extra cost or effort to you.*





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