The Simple Yet Confusing Rectangle| Simplicity 8452


“Yes, this is a Diablo jersey blouse, thank you for noticing how fancy it is.”


When I saw Simplicity 8452, I knew I wanted to make it. A simple, two seamed blouse that I could wear with my favorite gathered skirts? Yes, please!

I bought the pattern and shortly thereafter headed to Minerva Craft’s website to pick out the fabric. I decided on this delightfully drapey Diablo jersey in the color Bordeaux. I chose this fabric because the name just sounds super fancy, like “Yes, I’m wearing a Diablo jersey blouse, thank you for noticing how fancy it is.” Also I really like the color.

Now I’m wondering, what is Diablo jersey? Should I be capitalizing the “D” or is that wrong?

I just googled “what is Diablo jersey” but couldn’t find anything. Maybe it’s not as fancy as I thought? It sure sounds fancy.


The fabric arrived a couple weeks later and I had the blouse cut out and waiting to be sewn within about ten minutes. I had already cut out my pattern piece a few days earlier, so I was ready.

I went with the size large, as that is the size my bust measurement falls under. That ended up being a little too big I think. It slides around a bit and makes me anxious that I’m going to accidentally expose myself.  I’ve been thinking of strategically placing some snaps at the neckline, we’ll see.

It could also be that the fabric I picked is just too drapey, I’m not sure.

For now, I just tuck it into my petticoat and make sure my skirt waistband is nice and snug 👍


What is this pose even.


Sewing the blouse up was a simple task filled with lots of hand catch-stitching the hem and a tiny amount of machine sewing on the seams. I didn’t know how to catch-stitch and I also have never sewn jersey on my machine, now I know how to do both!

The pattern comes with the original instructions which I found fun to look at and fairly easy to follow, except that it doesn’t tell you the seam allowances for the yoke and center back seam(it’s 5/8″, of course. I found it on the modern instructions). I know almost all patterns have seam allowances of 5/8″ but you know, I needed to know for sure. Or I would go crazy thinking maybe it wasn’t 5/8″, maybe it was something else.

You can download the modern pattern instructions on simplicity’s website, just find 8452 and click “download pdf”(right under the add to cart button). The modern instructions are different from the vintage instructions in that they explain everything in modern terms. You still stitch everything up the same way.



Putting this thing on is a little confusing, even with the diagram! I took some pictures to hopefully make it a little clearer for you.

This was kind of a last minute decision, so I’m not all makeup-ed and hair-ed up, please understand 😄

Start with the blouse inside out. Then, with the split seam facing your back and pointing down, insert arm into the armhole.

Drape all the extra fabric onto your shoulder, then repeat for the other side.

Fasten the hook and eye, all set! I may add some snaps up the neckline of mine.

It does get easier the more you wear it.

I’ve been wrapping it like this and then tucking it into my skirts:


This is where some strategically placed snaps will come in handy ^^^

Also how is it so confusing, when it’s only a rectangle?

I do love this top, I want to make a pencil skirt to wear it with. And some high waisted jeans.

You know what I just thought of, what if you lengthened the rectangle so you could wear it untucked? That might be cute! A drapey simple top to wear with a pair of modern skinny jeans.

It kind of works as a cardigan too.


Wearing it backward is interesting. But not recommended.

What other ways can you wear it? Help me come up with some even-more-confusing-than-the-original ways!

Will I make more of these versatile blouses? Perhaps. I need to solve the accidentally exposing myself issue first, because I’m probably not going to wear it often as it is right now. It makes me too nervous.

Are you planning on making one? What will you wear it with? Tell me in the comments!


Husband: “Look like you see a really big piece of tasty cake over there.”


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