5 Makes I Fell In Love With In 2017


It’s been so long, I can hardly remember how to type up a blog post. I’m sorry guys >.<

I was busy….I lost my sewing mojo….I was busy again…sickness…I was just being lazy.  But I’m back now and I have a few ideas for the new year 😀

First though….let’s talk about my favorite makes of 2017 ♥

So without further ado….

And in no particular order…

My Favorite Makes of 2017

1. The Red B6453

Bam! That red tho….


It’s so vibrant and luscious *sigh*  The B6453 pattern has a special place in my heart since it was the first dress I ever made up. I’d like to revisit it again this summer. My princess seam and FBA skills have improved a lot since making this red beauty so I definitely need to make a few better fitting versions ♥

Guest Post on Minerva Crafts Blog|The B6453

2. Polka Dot Rectangle Skirt



#husbandcaptionsmyphotos “I wonder what the sun is thinking right now??”


Rectangle skirts are one of my favorite things to make because they’re super easy to whip up and super adorable to wear. I’ve made a handful of them so far, and this one is my favorite right now.

The fabric is this Spotty Print Polycotton from MinervaCrafts. Pick some up for yourself ❤


Featured in The Simple Yet Confusing Rectangle| Simplicity 8452.

3. Velvet Floral Cleo Overalls

Soooo I made this one a while ago but have been too lazy to get pictures of it….surprise!


Look at those velvet flowers….so cute! My sister picked up this fabric for me, in exchange for a Cleo of her own. I looked online and couldn’t find it, so no link for you guys. Sorry! Maybe your local store would have it?


This is my second Cleo and my favorite. Although my bow-pocket Cleo is a close tie!

4. Gradient Toaster Sweater(Simplicity 8529)

This is another make that I just haven’t gotten around to getting pictures of #oops #supriseagain.


It is THE coziest sweater I own right now, and I’m seriously questioning why I haven’t sewn with knits until now. That’s definitely going to be remedied in 2018.

A big plus: it only took maybe three hours to make! I’m already planning on a pink version with a bell sleeve hack.


I got the last bit of this gradient fabric at my local Joann’s, barrrrrely enough for the toaster sweater. But I made it work. And boy does it work ❤ ❤ ❤


Grab the pattern on Amazon and make one for yourself ❤

5. Gingham Babydoll Dress

Last but not least, the gingham babydoll dress I made for my Sew Your Own Closet series(that series will be back eventually, I promise).


It’s such a versatile dress, I can wear it with ballet flats in the summer and boots/tights/sweaters in the fall.

I’d wear it in the winter, too, if Idaho winters weren’t so harsh(lighten up on the snow, would ya?).


Sew Your Own Closet| Babydoll Dress

So yeah, those are the makes that I find myself reaching for over and over. What have been your favorite makes of 2017?


***This post contains affiliate links. Basically, if you buy something from my link I get a little percentage of the sale, at no extra cost to you! Wooohoo!***

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