McCall’s 7723| Sleeves for Daaaaay’s

So I had this brilliant idea to make Bill(my husband) and I outfits for Valentine's Day. It hasn't gone exactly as I had planned, but that's okay because I'm happy with the way it all turned out. At first, I was going to make a big pretty vintage dress(b5605) and foofy petticoat(b6530) for me. For … Continue reading McCall’s 7723| Sleeves for Daaaaay’s


The Simple Yet Confusing Rectangle| Simplicity 8452

  When I saw Simplicity 8452, I knew I wanted to make it. A simple, two seamed blouse that I could wear with my favorite gathered skirts? Yes, please! I bought the pattern and shortly thereafter headed to Minerva Craft's website to pick out the fabric. I decided on this delightfully drapey Diablo jersey in … Continue reading The Simple Yet Confusing Rectangle| Simplicity 8452